SOIGNE CONSULTING: Monya Kilian Palmer

SOIGNÉ CONSULTING was established in early 2017 and is the name Monya Kilian Palmer trades under.

Monya spends half her time in Bray, as consultant Content Editor and recipe writer at the Fat Duck Group and the remainder of her time nurturing her creative side by developing original recipes + visuals for clients all over the world. Her experience also lies in supporting busy chefs and aspiring cookbook authors with their cookbook projects, and more recently private cheffing for an international athlete.

To view Monya's portfolio, visit or visit her recipe blog on the Ketogenic Lifestyle at

Monya has published two cookbooks, Keto Kitchen (2020) and Lazy Keto Kitchen (2021).

"I heard the word SOIGNÉ (pronounced SWAN-YAY) for the first time when I was working at the Fat Duck. It was a term the reservations and FOH team used internally when referring to guests of extreme importance (VIP individuals/ celebrities). I always loved the word and what it represented. To me, it symbolised something truly special and I am glad I never forgot it. Years later when researching its actual meaning, I discovered it not only meant attention to detail and elegantly executed, but it also meant to take care of. My philosophy, exactly."