SOIGNE CONSULTING: Monya Kilian Palmer

Recipe Development & Food Styling
Magazines, newspapers, blogs, publishers and retailers rely on experienced recipe developers to provide recipes that showcase or highlight a specific aspect, like a seasonal ingredient or a specific retail product. These recipes should work, be delicious and easy-to-follow.

Recipe Editing
It is expected that the author supplies the publisher with logical, well-written recipes. There is an art to writing good recipes and one of the responsibilities of Soigné Consulting is to shape the author's recipes, ensuring they are delivered to the publisher near-to-perfect.

Recipe Testing
Highly experienced in professional recipe testing, this is an additional service offered to both authors and publishers - and goes hand-in-hand with recipe writing.
Responsibilities include thorough testing in both US and METRIC (if required), resulting in a detailed summary (including visuals) of observations reported to the author. In addition to these observations, the summary also includes information of possible ingredients substitutions, any handy tips and techniques that may be of interest to the reader, and any curious anecdotes about the dish itself. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes are vital, but it is important to emphasise here that the integrity of the author's dish is never challenged or changed. It is merely shaped into a successful, easy-to-follow recipe.

Nutritional Analysis - NUTRITICS®
Using the cloud-based software NUTRITICS® (which provides access to the official UK national database for food labelling and research purposes - and fully approved by the relevant Trading Standards organisations), EU and FDA-compliant food labels can be supplied, which will include the calories and kilojoules per serving, and the macro-nutrient breakdown (fats, proteins, carbs, fibre, salt) and all known allergens.

Project Management

Cookbook Consultant

Culinary Research
Research and/or proofreading and providing detailed summaries on anything edible. From the history of 'naarjies' in Southern Africa, to when the knife and fork became standard cutlery items.